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Senior leaders can apply the learnings instantly to make plans and decisions with data and insight on how the business actually works. Business analysts and consultants can start modeling your business or issue. See where its performance may be headed and how to make big, sustainable improvements to those outcomes.

Want to learn standard strategy methods? See "Strategy for Leaders" here. 

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Map it. Model it. Use it.

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Build Core Business Models

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Add Powerful extensions


Model any business challenge or plan. Fast.

Business models need to be more than words that talk about how a business works. They need to show how the business works. 

Your business is an interconnected system of elements. Spreadsheets just cannot capture that system and its performance. You need a model

You need to design the system to be most effective. You need to manage that system, continually for the best, sustainable performance. 

Your dynamic business model is the "digital twin" that makes this possible.

You will learn how to answer these questions in the Business Modeling Essentials course. You'll learn, at a high level:

  • Fundamental principles that make a business system work 
  • How to model the core of any business, any function, or any issue 
  • How common issues share common structures and models 
  • How to use models to understand and improve performance 


Model complex real-world challenges

There are many complexities in any real-world business. So you need to extend a business model to capture those complexities in a form you can easily work with.

You will learn to model these complexities in the Business Modeling Extensions courses.

  • Building better customers, staff and products - not just more
  • Engaging customers, developing staff and managing product pipelines
  • Fighting off - and attacking - competitors 
  • Designing reliable policies to steer your business
  • Building the intangibles and capabilities for sustained, strong performance 

Using these models in both Sun Microsystems and Microsoft, the results speak for themselves. It is a key tool for senior managers.

John Kapson

Now: Sr. Director, Analytics & Data Science, Toyota Motors N America

This class fundamentally changed how I think about our company’s future, so I will use what I have learned for the challenges we face.

Mark Holman

Manager Regional Coordination, PJM Interconnection

These business models provided just what we need to explore scenarios for competition in the global tax-technology sector and test our strategies.

Kevin Boettcher

Director, Emerging Business; Vertex, Inc


Make Plans and Decisions With Confidence

Step 1

The Power of Strategy Dynamics

Step 2

Extend the power (coming soon)


Make plans and decisions, knowing how they will play out into the future

Before making big plans or decisions, you need to understand why your business or issue has performed as it has up to the now.

And you need to understand how that business, function or issue will likely play out into the future, under a range of uncertainties and scenarios.

Then, you need to figure out how to improve that future and sustain stronger performance.

But your business is a highly inter-connected system. Its parts all depend on each other if that system is to develop and perform.  

So to make joined-up plans and decisions, you need a digital twin of your business that works and behaves in the same way, for the same reasons.

The Strategy Dynamics for Leaders course will show you how to use such models, both to design so that it has the potential to perform well, and to manage the system continually so that it actually does perform well.

Course highlights:

    • 1-2 key lessons in each class give time-pressured leaders insights fast 
    • Working digital-twin examples across contrasting cases and models, for you to keep and adapt to your situation  
    • See the power of the approach by tracking the performance of a real-world business case

1. EXTEND THE POWER (coming soon)

Use strategy dynamics to tackle complex real-world challenges

Business plans and decisions in the real world are more complex than we imagine. Because real businesses have many factors and mechanisms beyond the simple numbers of customers, staff, and capacity

 There are internal variables like the quality of customers and other key resources, pipelines of customers and staff, and soft, intangible factors like skills, reputation, data, and business processes.

The Strategy Dynamics for Leaders Extensions course provides the tools to tackle all these issues and more, helping you make robust plans and decisions. Course highlights include:

    • Simple but powerful structures that capture common, substantial challenges
    • Working models of all those structures that you can adapt to your own situation
    • Examples of real-world cases where these tools transformed performance

Start making stronger plans and better decisions with Strategy Dynamics. Starting today.

  • Understand the system that drives changing business performance
  • Make better plans and decisions to get strong, sustained results
  • Get examples of working models based on real-world scenarios
  • Access the course in the next five minutes 

These courses from Strategy Dynamics are fantastic. They are so good that we are looking to hire people with these skills. Thanks!

Bob Lamb

Founder and CEO, Foundation for Inclusion

The approach exceeded my expectations. The material is very powerful and provides rich and deep concepts and insights for the future.

Ahmad Waleed

Strategy Director, ELM Saudi Arabia

You lay out the material so well that we can easily internalize the approach. The model almost had a mind of its own, totally changing my understanding of our challenge.

Stephen Green

Director, Continental Mills

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A crash course on standard strategy methods for CEOs and senior leaders

You need to develop strategies for your organisation. But you either missed out on training for how to do that, or you need an update.

This course explains the key strategy methods needed to develop and manage a strategy for your business. (The course does not employ our "dynamics" method, but is consistent with it).