About Strategy Dynamics

I developed the Strategy Dynamics method many years ago while teaching at London Business School. I am Kim Warren, and the courses I offer here are based on many years of experience and research, applying that method across thousands of cases.

A strategy role in corporate transformation.

After an engineering degree from Imperial College, London, and MBA from London Business School, I had several commercial roles before becoming retail strategy Director at brewing company Whitbread PLC. There I had the chance to be part of a very rare phenomenon - a true corporate transformation.

Back then, I was just figuring out strategy from first principles, using basic reasoning to recommend what the team should do, and importantly what not to do. Thankfully, my guidance was mostly accepted, except for the time they decided to take on MacDonald's, and got killed!

From corporate to education

I moved to my alma mater, London Business School, to teach strategic management, using the formal methods known at the time. Those methods focused on how to "position" a business relative to its customers' needs and what competitors offered.

But I knew there must be more to strategy than this. Successful businesses do not change their chosen position, even over decades. They don't keep changing their minds about what they are! 

The standard strategy tools were just too limited.

So the big need I saw was how to figure out what exactly to do, how much, when, across all parts of the business, to deliver the promise of that strategic position. Not just right now, but continually over time, as external conditions and the business itself changed.

Strategy Dynamics is the answer to that need.

Rigorous principles, tested in real-world settings formed the extensive development that followed. The method first appeared in the prize-winning book Competitive Strategy Dynamics published in 2002 by Wiley. Since then, many other books and published papers have refined and extended the approach.


"This book was a great eye opener for me. It made me reflect on many of the strategy practices I have experienced during my career. I have often felt that strategy development and execution is more a matter of luck and great personalities than a reliable way of working. Kim confirms this, explains why and tells us what to do about it. The book also has a brilliant and fun sense of humor. I enjoyed reading it."


Marketing Director - Airbus Commercial

It's all about performance over time.

The core idea behind Strategy Dynamics is simple. Whether your concern is about sales growth, customer service, staff development, or the progress of the entire business—performance changes over time. And traditional strategy tools have nothing to say about this.

And Excel spreadsheets can't help you figure that out either. Rows and columns of numbers simply can’t portray the many interactions that make the whole system work.

But Strategy Dynamics does show you, with crystal clarity, how the system works. And how that system develops and why its performance changes as it does.

Widespread collaborations

Collaboration and consulting relationships have been at the core of my work. They helped prove and extend the power of strategy dynamics to numerous, diverse settings and challenges. Examples include McKinsey & Co, Microsoft Inc, Visa International, BT plc, Barclays Bank, Schneider Electric, PWC, and the British Standards Institution. And work with the UK's Dept for International Development, and other public sector and voluntary organisations pushed the method's scope beyond the corporate world.

Ready to start your journey?

Using something new is both exciting and challenging. One part of you wants to just go on making decisions the old way. But there's the other side that wants to get better.

Learning Strategy Dynamics is not something you can do in thirty minutes. But if you are ready to invest some time learning a robust approach to making strategic plans, tackling big challenges, and making joined-up decisions, I have something for you. Click here to get started if you want to learn a framework for better planning and decision-making.


Start making better, evidence-based decisions with Strategy Dynamics. Starting today.

  • Understand the system that drives changing business performance
  • Make better plans and decisions to get strong, sustained results
  • Get examples of working models based on real-world scenarios
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These courses from Strategy Dynamics are fantastic. They are so good that we are looking to hire people with these skills. Thanks!

Bob Lamb

Founder and CEO, Foundation for Inclusion

The approach exceeded my expectations. The material is very powerful and provides rich and deep concepts and insights for the future.

Ahmad Waleed

Strategy Director, ELM Saudi Arabia

You lay out the material so well that we can easily internalize the approach. The model almost had a mind of its own, totally changing my understanding of our challenge.

Stephen Green

Director, Continental Mills

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