Why Silico ?

Silico is a powerful and flexible simulation platform, that allows global corporations to explore possible futures before they take action in the real world.

... but Silico is also the most accessible tool available for building dynamic business models of any scale or scope.

So it is perfect for analysts and consultants wanting to do anything from figuring out a small-scale issue right up to planning a big initiative or building a comprehensive strategic plan.

It is also the perfect - and free! - teaching tool for business students.

Why is Silico so good?

If you want to model any plan or challenge, what do you need?

You need to see how key outcomes have changed up to now, and may change into the future

... so Silico shows you time-charts on everything

You need to see what causes those outcomes - and indeed what causes everything in the system

... so Silico shows a picture of all the causal dependencies throughout the system

You need to see instantly and clearly every relationship in the model

... so Silico gives you natural language formulae : "sales/month" = "customers" * "sales/month per customer", not "C23 = A$5 * B23"!

You don't want to make "cell-reference errors"

... so Silico allows you by default only to use items in calculations that are physically linked - and natural-language formulae help too!

You need to be sure your model matches what is happening - and what you want to happen - in the real-world

... so Silico gives two time-series on every item : one for real-world values and one for calculated values - if the lines don't match, there's a problem!