Register as a teacher

Our courses are suitable for university teaching, from undergraduate to Masters to PhD levels, and for executive education and corporate training. They are available free to University teachers, or at discounted rates for trainers, in order to "train the trainer". Taking our courses also allows you to evaluate their potential as instructional resources for your own use.  

We provide sufficient material for you to teach business modelling, or the strategy dynamics approach yourself. We can offer your students access to our complete courses, or we can put together a bespoke selection of classes to meet your needs. Key to the power of our courses is the Silico dynamic software on which models are built - the easiest and fastest tool available (more here). Silico is free for teachers and offers a free, fully functional, "community" account that is more than adequate for students' needs.

Our course content is already proven and effective, so adopting them for your students' self-learning will save you hours of class time that you can put to better use. And we provide student discount prices.

Fees for taking our courses as a potential instructor are:

  • University faculty - upon registration and approval as a teacher, our courses are free of charge
  • Corporate trainers - upon evidence of role as corporate trainer, a 50% price reduction. And that price is refundable when purchasing access for students within one year.

Apply below to register as a teacher or trainer, then contact us to discuss providing materials for your classes.