Register as a teacher

Our courses are suitiable for teaching at undergraduate through to executive education and corporate training.  We make them available free or at discounted rates to teachers and trainers in order enable evaluation as well as to "train the trainer".  

We aim to provide teachers with sufficient material to be able to teach business modelling or the strategy dynamics approach, whether by introducing elements into existing classes, using a business simulation to provide an awareness of the ideas or going further with a complete course and/or use of the SIlico online planning software.  

We can provide discounted access to courses for your students - potentially saving you many hours of class time. Contact us to discuss providing materials for your classes.  

Fees for taking our courses as a potential instructor are:

  • University faculty - upon registration and approval as a teacher - free of charge
  • Corporate trainers - upon evidence of role as corporate trainer, 50% charge - refundable when purchasing access for students within one year.